Friday, July 6, 2012

Birthday Run 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wanna Be Like Chuck

Chuck Norris does not hunt because the word hunting infers the probability of failure. Chuck Norris goes killing.
The chief export of Chuck Norris is pain! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Whetstone Mountain Madness

Yesterday it seemed like a good day to check out Whetstone Mt. I kind of figured there would be too much snow to reach the summit,but I wanted to find out. I liked the idea that maybe I would be the first one to summit this year.

On the drive up it didn't look too good as I could see snow pretty low on the top. I didn't get started until 5:00 p.m., which seemed like plenty of time, last year a trip up and back took about 2 1/2 hours. Climbing up I was really happy that it hadn't gotten any easier than last year. About 2 miles in ( it's 5 to the top) I started running into patches of snow. It was new snow, so I stayed optimistic that maybe the snow on top wasn't that deep and I would be able to make it. Along the way I noticed a foot print with no shoes. At first I thought Bigfoot and I were sharing the same trail,but then I noticed another print with shoes on. Was I going to miss being the first  one to the summit by hours, mins., or seconds? I sped up a bit with the hope of maybe catching them on the way to the top. The thought did cross my mind that maybe lots of people had already made it to the top this year, but we were the only tracks in the snow.

A little while later the tracks without shoes had disappeared! It caused me to actually stop and take a look. I didn't really notice the exact moment when they were no longer on the trail, because at this point the snow was still in patches. After a moment I realized barefoot person had put shoes on, Mason and I have got to stop watching Finding Bigfoot.

A little over 3 miles in the snow was still manageable,but very slippery. There was still no doubt were the trail was.I was getting hopeful on making the top. A moment later I see a young guy and girl coming down the trail. I asked them if they made the top. They had no clue what was up there,they just started hiking up the trail. The guy had flip flops on and said his feet were freezing. They figured they had been a mile further and the snow was still fine they just turned around because his feet were cold and he was slipping around in his flip flops.

I could smell victory now! I said goodbye and hurried up the trail,picturing the Rocky type thing I would do at the top. Well their mile was actually about 3/10 of a mile further. And at 4 miles in it turned into about 3 feet of snow, just like a magic line. At this point the writing was on the wall,but I wasn't willing to quit. After about 20 mins. of postholing and completely losing the trail It was over. I was less than a mile from the top and if it was in the morning I would have pushed on and tried to cross country to the top, defeated I turned around and started to make my way to the bottom. Ugh, I hate not getting to the destination! Good news is I'll try again in a couple of weeks.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Little Stroll Down Memory Lane

 Today while running alone towards the end of my long run I thought back to the third grade. Our teacher rolled the projector in one day and showed us this little gem. I think she did it on purpose, because she hated me. I was smarter than all the teachers that I had in my life so this lead to some problems for me at school. Anyway this obviously caused some problems for me with my peers. For what seemed like an eternity,which was really like two days, all I heard was William wants a doll. That sucked! It might have been cool in other schools,but I came from a little redneck school, it was a disaster.

While thinking about this today, I thought wouldn't it be cool to be able to go back to these times and do things different. I didn't really do anything at the time. What was I going to do fight the whole class? If I could go back now though,I would take my brass knuckles back with me! I would be like, yeah William wants a doll, but he's already got some brass knucks and the teeth would be flying. Boys, girls and Mrs. Damerell better have a good dentist! This would be especially awesome because most of the kids would have just got their permanent teeth. After it was all said and done I would roll that projector out and play this classic for them,which they also showed us in third grade!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Running Gear

When I decided to sign up for the Plain 100 miler I entered some new territory. As much as I'm excited for the adventure that lies ahead, I realized that this was going to be different than any other run I've done to date. Usually most of the training runs and races I do all you need is a couple of water bottles and you're good to go. Well now I've got to figure out the best way to carry my own aid for this journey

So for Christmas Jolene and Mason got me the Camelbak Highwire 25. So far I love this pack comfy with lots of room. Then a couple weeks ago I'm complaining about my new headlamp not being to terrific and lo and behold Eric and Kellie Jensen give me a new headlamp that is pretty much the cat's meow! I've never met more generous people in my life. You guys are too nice,there should be more people in the world like you guys!

Now I'm collecting gear and wondering if it will be enough to get me to the finish line this September. That's when I came across maybe the most well thought out piece of gear ever. I think it's going to change the running world forever!

I've heard that you're supposed to visualize yourself succeeding at what you want to accomplish. All I can think of now is crossing the finish line at the Plain 100 with my Jog Strap flappin' in the wind. It's gonna be a dream come true!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


That comes from the Metallica song wherever I may roam. I really like that saying,it's so true. I tend to forget that most of the time though.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It's official, I'm an idiot. After just barley finishing Cascade Crest 100, I'm now signed up for an even harder race in Plain. Here's hoping everyone has a great 2012 and accomplishes all their goals!

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