Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Little Stroll Down Memory Lane

 Today while running alone towards the end of my long run I thought back to the third grade. Our teacher rolled the projector in one day and showed us this little gem. I think she did it on purpose, because she hated me. I was smarter than all the teachers that I had in my life so this lead to some problems for me at school. Anyway this obviously caused some problems for me with my peers. For what seemed like an eternity,which was really like two days, all I heard was William wants a doll. That sucked! It might have been cool in other schools,but I came from a little redneck school, it was a disaster.

While thinking about this today, I thought wouldn't it be cool to be able to go back to these times and do things different. I didn't really do anything at the time. What was I going to do fight the whole class? If I could go back now though,I would take my brass knuckles back with me! I would be like, yeah William wants a doll, but he's already got some brass knucks and the teeth would be flying. Boys, girls and Mrs. Damerell better have a good dentist! This would be especially awesome because most of the kids would have just got their permanent teeth. After it was all said and done I would roll that projector out and play this classic for them,which they also showed us in third grade!


Joe Kleffner said...

Love me some Alan Alda!
My daughter got the "Free To Be You and Me" cd for Xmas. I have since heard these songs (and all the others) multiple times a day for nearing 4 months. Drives me crazy, but she absolutely loves it. Bittersweet.

What are you doing this year other than Plain?

William Swint said...

Right now the only thing I'm signed up for is Mac 50k. Not really sure if I'll run anything else.

See you at the Rumble, I'll be at an aid station

Roger "Gimpy" McKay said...

Oh my, LOL. Was that Rosie Grier. I'd like to borrow those brass knucks and go back to fourth grade and kick the neighbor kids xyz for spitting in my eye while I was looking for 4 leaf clovers. Except he'd probably just drop kick me.

I think Mr Grier was into needlepoint also, so there'd always be weapon at hand.

Thank goodness for G.I. Joe and your blog.